Quilt art inspiration

When I discovered quilt art, I felt certain that I had found my medium. I’m not usually so sure about most things in life, so I thought this must mean something. Here are some of the artists and work that have inspired me.


Funquilts is Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr’s company. They design quilts and fabrics out of their home in Oak Park. I found them online, was excited they were in Chicago, and called them up. I “interned” with them for a few months, which was a lovely way to get to know them and get to know that I didn’t want to create my own small business in quilting! I love their work though: I like the clean lines and modern sensibility. This is one of their pieces, inspired by how cereal shrinks in boxes due to “settlement”:

Funquilts, Some Settlement May Occur


Nancy Crow

Nancy Crow is an early and influential quilt artist who helped to co-found Quilt National, a biennial competition for quilt art. I like how her work is abstract, uses bold colors, and often uses strips. I’m very drawn to strips. Here’s an interview with her.

Nancy Crow, Construction #38

Quilt National

Quilt National is an amazing collection of quilt art. I entered a quilt once, but it was way out of my league. Good photo documentation is key, and I didn’t know that. I tend to like abstract pieces, often with saturated color, as opposed to representational or conceptual pieces.

Jeanne Williamson, Orange Construction Fence Series #29 , ©JW

That’s it for today! My first blog post ever.


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