Color blindness

So the ironic thing is that a good friend of mine is completely color blind, with a condition called achromatopsia. He sees everything in shades of black, white and gray. When I told my mother, we were walking through the forest in the fall, and she gestured to the fall colors around her and seemed quite sad that someone couldn’t see the colors. Since my friend is stubborn, of course he decided to study in art in college. A color blind artist? It exists. I’m still not completely adjusted to this reality. The primary way that I describe objects or point out things is by color: Oh look at how red the sunset is, or, Isn’t it weird that the fire hydrant is blue? I still automatically do that around him, and then he likes to give me a withering deprecating look, as if to pity my memory loss. In his honor, here are some black and white images.


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