Color blindness part 2

Today is Chicago’s celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. So I asked my boyfriend if he’d ever seen the river dyed green. He said he’d seen pictures of it but it looked the same to him as normal. I had one of my retrospective duh moments – because he’s colorblind, he’s not going to know whether it looks different green. I was lucky – most of the time when I have a duh moment, he gives me a look, you know, a LOOK, like I’m the most dense person in the whole entire world. Because of him, I’m starting to realize how many times I depend on color to be the main or primary descriptor, or that cultural icons or events are identified with color.

For example:

– Valentine’s Day is red

– Red light stop, green light go

– golden arches, target bulls eye, etc.

– Color coded anything – subway lines, file folders


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