Project 2

Title: Ramie strips

Chosen contrast: Saturation

Process: I had a limited range of colors to work with, because I was working with a range of fabric from Korea that I couldn’t get more of. At first glance it seemed easy to separate saturated from desaturated colors, but it turned out to be harder because I also wanted to make sure that the colors were about the same value (light/dark). That limited the selection even more, and it turned out that the saturated colors were actually not that pure.Also, ideally I would have the same value/hue in both saturated and desaturated versions, and I didn’t have that available to me. I made one piece with mostly desaturated and a strip of saturated; one piece with mostly saturated and a strip of desaturated; and one piece with equal amounts of saturated and desaturated colors.

Results: In the first two pieces, the contrast between saturated and unsaturated is fairly clear. In the third piece, the contrast is not quite so clear.

Conclusions: I would try this again in a medium where I have more control of the color selection.


Desaturated with a strip of saturated colors

Saturated with a strip of desaturated colors

Half desaturated, half saturated


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