Project 3

My project: Faith Ringgold

I chose Faith Ringgold because I knew she made quilts. I learned a great deal more about her during the process of researching the presentation. It was great to find out her use of different media, including performance, writing, and craft, because I too don’t like to be held to just one medium. I also appreciated finding out about her coming to political awareness in the 1960s and trying to break into the art world as a woman of color. I am not generally drawn to representational art, I like abstract visual art better, but it’s interesting to think about her story quilts as a combination of text and image and how the two work together. I’m glad I chose an artist that has a fair amount of writing out there about her and her work. It’s also interesting to choose someone who’s older now, and think about how things have or haven’t changed in the world during her career as an artist.

Comments on others’ presentations:

Maya Hayuk

I appreciate that this artist takes the paints that no one else wants – it appeals to the same thrifty side of me that applies to quilting, where nothing is wasted. I also personally like the big, public nature of her art. I’m not so attracted to the actual visual effects in her art but I appreciate what she’s trying to do. I liked the range of images that Rochelle had prepared, from close-ups to wide angle shots of a whole range of work.

Malene Landgreen

Ooh I really like her work. I like how large it is, I like that it’s about architectural space, I like that it’s about broad expanses of flat, saturated color. I like how the color works in the rooms – what details of the architecture get highlighted or muted by the arrangement of color. It would have been nice to see other pieces of her work besides the Color State piece, see if and how her work has changed over time.

Keith Carter

I’m not sure how much his work says about color, but I did like learning about him and how he approaches it. Being relatively new to the world of art, I don’t know if it’s a big deal that he’s not art-school trained – does the market only or mostly legitimize work made by people with art school training? I like how his photos leave a lot of room for making your own stories. I also like that he chose to focus on his hometown, a place that many people outside of the town might dismiss or overlook.


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