Project 4

I wanted to see what the experience of a wall of color would be for different people. I thought about white, gray, and red. White because it is a non-color, because it has connotations of death in Korean culture and purity in western culture. Gray because it too is a non-color, even more of a non-color than white or black, and to see what the effect is when one is confronted with a wall of gray that is placed deliberately there rather than the blocks of gray that are institutionally imposed around us. Red because it feels like anger to me, which I have been feeling a lot of lately, but also because it is so bright and cannot be dismissed. I settled on red, because walls are less likely to be red and so people are less likely to be confronted by a huge swathe of red on a regular basis. What feelings come up when all you see is red? I’m sad that I missed the last class when people did critiques, because I would be interested to see what other people thought.

I have sketches in my sketchbook, but not here. I was thinking a lot about Anish Kapoor’s work where he has pyramids and objects made out of pure color pigment. It was difficult to go shopping for fabric because I wasn’t sure that the light in the fabric store was reflecting the colors the way the light in the classroom would. I tried to stay within a similar range of red tones, not too light and not too dark, but varied in texture and type of fabric.

Some color palettes:




sample layouts:


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